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#1 Turn Off For Women: The Wing GIrl Method Dating Advice For Men

Want to know the #1 turn off for women?? It’s men who do what this guy in the video did. Totally turns off women. Watch as Marni and Karla explain WHY it’s a turn off and how to be sure you don’t make this horrible mistake with women. For more tips on how to date women go to http://www.winggirlmethod.com

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Top dating advice for men coming directly from a woman! Marni is now your personal Wing Girl and she’s going to tell you how to attract women, date women, seduce women and get any woman you want. She’s helped 100’s of thousands of men around the world be more confident with women so they can make women want them. Now she’ll do the same for you!
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  1. Lol it was a scam. Get over yourself. 

  2. This is no different than a woman at the club/bar getting a guy to buy her
    a drink.

  3. I do like your channel but this seems like you are just bitching and
    prompting your friend all the way through. I am not a child I know not to
    use people and guest what men don’t like to be used also. I think that
    your friend was also using the personal trainer as you pointed out to her
    that he wanted sex and as if she didn’t already know that. I gave this a
    thumbs down not to be a hater but please keep it real we your viewers are
    not naive children. Don’t make this a Feminist channel just to air your
    gripes we come here for advise.
    All the best from Australia

  4. Ill give you the answers for free! Lol. Idk wat question you have but ask
    it to me somehow thru YouTube or Google+ and ill tell you. If you want a
    video answer ill tell you that way too! IDGAF! “ibr” (I be real) 

  5. The immoral trainer with no scruples obviously used his position of
    authority at the gym to get what he wanted. He should have been reported to
    his supervisor.

    “Power corrupts; Absolute power corrupts absolutely”

  6. Um, how about on the flip side when females expect freebies and getting
    over on things just because their a female………..

  7. Marni Your Personal Wing Girl
  8. Jesus, is this for real? They were just scamming her out of her money.
    These women haven’t a clue between them. 

  9. So what’s that the number 1 turn off for women being scammed? I think that
    goes both ways. This was a pointless video that was off topic. Usually your
    stuff is pretty good. 

  10. He was just trying to scam her for money not for the draws

  11. So how exactly was the title of this video even remotely accurate to what
    the video was actually about?

  12. One stupid slut, talking shit to another stupid slut ! LOL 

  13. All in all, the video is about some deal that didn’t work because both
    sides decided to change their mind, by error, evil or intentionally, some
    way into it.

    So, if I look at some imaginary setup of a woman flirting, trying to get
    someone interested for whatever and a guy might pay for a dinner or flowers
    because it looks promising, but she just leaves with a “Thank you!” Then
    that guy experience the same thing as explained in the video. Now, let’s
    see what happens if he wants his money back…

    My conclusion is, that women are allowed to hurt men by changing their mind
    or by error, maybe by evil, even in asking favors and money, but men are
    supposed to be perfect teddy bears in roleplaying as men.

    Yes, I’m really learning this.

  14. This is an example of quid pro quo. He was indirectly offering a service in
    exchange for sex. From what I can tell from her story, the trainer isn’t
    concerned with developing a personal heartfelt relationship with her. He is
    just DTF and nothing more. Do I agree that quid pro quo is wrong and he
    should be straight forward with her, yes. Even if he was straight forward,
    I think his intentions would still be sexual but this is only an
    assumption. If the assumption is true, it doesn’t seem like this is
    something she wants. She seems like she wants to be valued, loved, and have
    a relationship with deeper meaning. If that’s the case, then there is still
    no chance for the trainer even if he was straight forward which makes your
    advice useless.

  15. So you should pay that speeding ticket that ended up being a warning, pay
    half of everything on a date, turn down any discounts while getting your
    car repair, and not get any breaks from being a woman. I guess you could
    always tell a man in detail why you are turning down 10 free sessions to be
    absolutely clear on your expectations?….But that might be to much to

  16. WTF! This has nothing to do with attracting women whats so ever!

  17. That’s screwed up! I see men do that crap all the time and they deserve to
    get friend zoned! Grow some balls and just ask her out on a date you dumb
    ass ahahaha 

  18. shut up and get to the point already!

  19. Wasted my time

  20. Girls assume all men want to sleep with them, most do. This guy was working
    his business questionably, but not the girl. She should have got her money
    back(she did) , but girls, its not always about getting your panties down.
    The guy probably gets more tail as a trainer than he can handle.

  21. Let that be a lesson to you: If something seems too good to be true; it
    usually is! . . . 

  22. This isn’t your best, Marni. The personal trainer was just trying to scam
    the lady for money.

  23. I find the details of the PT sessions choppy and this PT comes off a little
    shady. I’m more surprised that they charged you for PT sessions without
    your knowledge. It seems more like he was trying to lasso you in for
    sales and he did a horrible job of it. There possibly was a hidden agenda
    to it but that was a complete fail on his part. He either remain
    professional or just straight up ask you out.

  24. I am a fan of Marni but this video is misleading to the viewer. The
    personal trainer was trying to scam Karla which they did since they charged
    her for the “free sessions” that the instructor promised. No gym in
    America offers 10 free sessions. This was a scam not a “turn off” for

  25. That like/dislike ratio though. 

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