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17 Kids and Counting: Duggar Dating Rules (1 of 3) [HD]

17 Kids and Counting: Duggar Dating Rules (1 of 3) [HD]

17 Kids and Counting, Episode 4:

Josh and his fiancé Anna travel back from Florida to the Duggar home in Arkansas where Josh’s mega-sized family greets them. In this episode we delve deeper into Duggar courtship rituals where hand-holding is a privilege, saving your first kiss for you wedding day is a must, and chaperones are always tagging along.

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  1. This family is sad.
    The children can’t even have freedom, let alone personal time.
    I’m thinking they can’t date until they’re 18.
    I bet the oldest can’t wait to move out.
    I mean, first kiss at your wedding ?! Seriously.
    No sexual anything ?! Wow.
    I feel bad for the kids. They are home schooled so they can’t even have a
    school relationship.
    At least in highschool they should be allowed to date.
    But on the sex thing, they should wait till marriage. 

  2. damn the whole proposal thing skipped Jana lol

  3. I don’t understand the need to “side hug” between mother/son,
    father/daughter… Their explanation for “side hugging” is to “prevent
    temptation” (because everyone knows when you frontally hug someone you
    immediately want to have sex) so aren’t they implying they have incestuous
    feelings for their parents/children in doing so? This family’s logic is so

  4. And Jana is so pretty. I wish she would find somebody. 

  5. So glad I got out of this repressive, ridiculous lifestyle.

  6. Not a Christian and completely love this family. Most peoples children are
    awful, to have such well behaved kids they must be doing something right!

  7. Courtney Wilson
    IF they are Southern Baptist, they are not the mainstream. I am a Southern
    Baptist and their weird ways DO NOT, in any way reflect my form of
    Southern Baptist behavior. I, nor anyone else in my church, put such
    antiquated restrictions on our children and dating. Yes, I said ‘DATING,
    not ‘COURTING.. I raised my kids to have self respect, but I draw the line
    at being their jailer.

  8. my mom went to a conservative college in Tennessee and they had a rule that
    you have to have a chaperone on a date and my mom had to chaperone numerous
    times on dates for her friends that were a couple…but there’s a perk to
    being a chaperone, if you were a chaperone on a date the guy had to pay for
    your food…lol

  9. If I grew up in this family I would’ve ran away and became a
    punching-bag-style prostitute. These kids are so repressed it infuriates

  10. I died when Amy said if I was on a date I would probably ditch my

  11. Michelle to Anna : ” Your Daddies got together and worked this out ”
    OMG,, If I was Anna, that’s when I would have walked out. I’d say ‘ Well, i
    I hope the two of you will be happy together ” Bye !

  12. Rebecca, they are Mormons. don’t try to understand, look up Mormon
    philosophy, it’s more ridiculous than Christian or greek philosophy damn
    spell check

  13. jana is so pretty!

  14. littleblondemop
    And just because you are raised a Duggar , it means your marriage will
    automatically work out ? Or does it mean you will be more apt to stay in a
    loveless marriage so as not to disappoint Mom and Pop.?

  15. Jessa “most of them are weirdos”. Lol

  16. Seeing grandpa Dugger may me sad rip

  17. JULIA shut up……

  18. lol Jessa ” most of ‘em are weirdos”

  19. Rule #1 “Remember it is 1850 and we court someone we do not know what
    dating is because it hasn’t been invented yet” oh wait it did! bringing a
    shaparone is just dumb. what are they 10? grow up family let the children
    make their own decisions on how to date someone instead of dealing with
    your backwards way of life.

  20. FYI: the Duggar family are southern baptist. They are devout Christians and
    take Gods word seriously and try their very best to live their lives the
    way God intended. They are truly the modern day Noah’s family. God Bless
    them! We need more people like them! 

  21. Crazy how ANY of them is beautiful body wise as much as soul wise. What a
    beautiful and inspirationnal family. This world would be Heaven on Earth if
    we have people like them all around…

  22. Man, I’m so sick of child bearing worship, people praising women just
    because they bear a child. Fact is, when you have unprotected sex,
    pregnancy is not a “miracle”, its almost a certainty. Women that have
    children are not heroes.

    These people don’t need an applause, they need birth control. I’ve never
    understood why people congratulate couples who are on their third or fourth
    kid. Its a fact that a woman who already recycles at her optimum, will
    still increase her carbon footprint 40 times by just having 2 children. So
    if you really care about our planet, stop celebrating these people’s
    unbridled sex and start sending them condoms instead.

  23. Many of us aren’t used to how they do this, but they take marriage,etc more
    seriously and maturely than most people who wind up divorced later. We live
    in a world where people treat sex almost like hugging in many situations
    and people think the Duggars are strange? Yeah, because half the world
    doesn’t have any morals now days.

  24. Not first one Jim Bob and michel

  25. madisonnicolemarrow

    Everyone seems too nice and perfect.. it is a bit creepy

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