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8 Rules for Dating My Daughter

Eagle Pointe Church – Acworth, GA – www.EaglePointe.org
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  1. I question if a pastor who makes these threats should be in the pulpit.

  2. Seriously this guy is a pastor? One of the qualifications of a pastor is to
    be not a striker. There is no I exceptions to that.

  3. being a dad is very different than being a pastor. I like his rules, being
    a parent of a teen girl is hard and so being strick and scary as hell is a
    great thing! Rock on!

  4. Curious if you have a son are you okay with another man threatening your
    son. And are you okay with the boy’s mom threatening your daughter. 

  5. What a jerk :S

  6. Your message contradicts the fruits of the Spirit doesn’t it. 

  7. You are inspiring.

  8. Kelsie Koffman

    I’d like to point out to the individuals who addressed this man oh-so
    negatively in regard to this video: this man, who was one my pastor, who
    incidentally is NOT a terrorist and is a very good friend of my family’s,
    made this video when his daughter was eight or nine years old. As a joke.
    No actual death threats were made, this was made to be a very humorous
    video regarding something that should be a serious matter in EVERY
    father-daughter-boyfriend relationship. He cares about his family very
    deeply. In real life, this is a kind and godly man in a kind and godly
    family who are loved by many. Taking this video so seriously as to assume
    that every threat in this video was real and applicable to oneself AND to
    go far as to say it is demonic is not only a HUGE display of ignorance and
    lack of social skills considering the fact that you, as an individual,
    cannot possibly see the sarcasm dripping from every word. 

  9. As a MGTOW… I could not care less. There you go, pal. :-)

  10. Haha :) dad like to the extreme

    Please people stop taking it so seriosly

  11. i am a athiest i would you would kick of your for that you stupid shit.
    this is the kind of image you put out for your church

  12. go Eagle Point….WOOOOHW

  13. Aoirthoir An Broc

    Terroristic threats against men are not funny. This is not an amusing
    video. This is not acceptable under any circumstances. You don’t like a boy
    dating your daughter, take it up with her. Killing him, not acceptable.
    What’s my advice for young men these days, live a lovely celibate life and
    avoid daughters of wicked violent men like this. Be aware she WILL make you
    cry and she WILL “cry” despite your not having made her cry. That’s what
    women do. Men like this promote demonic hatred of men.

  14. Hey Mr.shadowfax 42…. don’t you DARE call my pastor an idiot!!!! he is
    not a donkey butt either!!! if you say that again… he WILL kill you!!!

  15. Any man who said that to me would get a gun pointed at him.

  16. sounds sooo much like my dad

  17. I’m sorry, if anyone says something negative about this, they’re
    ridiculous. YES. A father is going to feel protective. NO. He’s not going
    to injure the kids trying to date his little girl. In all seriousness,
    people taking this overly serious are stupid.

  18. Ryunaga Arafat

    Yes Sir… I’ll obey all your rules *gulp* (watching his future
    father-in-law cleaning his .50 caliber Desert Eagle, a shovel beside him &
    5 acres of property behind his house)

  19. Racheal Trammell

    My dad is atheist and he would totally do this. So stop saying rude comments

  20. Buddy, you better tone that ilk down a bit…. You have already lost
    control of your daughter’s choices. As a father, I will offer the same
    threats that you have, regarding whatever happens on a date between your
    daughter and my son. I invite the confrontation between us regarding this
    event. I shall enjoy the results of our meeting. Best Wishes!

  21. Killstick!!!!!

  22. Dads rule!

  23. Ok, I remember going out on my first date, the girl refused to let me meet
    her dad beforehand, I kept to the rules but she was making it hard, I will
    say that I got a little scared that this may be how my daughter will act if
    I ever have one, this scares me, and now part of my time goes into
    reviewing good methods to keep that from happening

  24. Howard da’man

  25. I doubt he will literally kill him. my dad goes by most of the same rules
    and trust me he is VERY protective and has many guns but my ex’s dont show
    bak up on my doorstep. Awesome video!!!

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