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Dating Advice For Shy Men


dating advice for shy men, dating tips for shy men

Being shy is very common, and lots of men suffer from shyness around women. Often shyness is down to a lack of confidence and low self esteem. You feel scared of going up to an attractive woman in case she rejects you. You would feel so embarassed at being turned down, or worse still laughed at by her friends. All these negative thoughts fill your head and as a result you take no action. In this article I discuss dating advice for shy men

Avoid night clubs or bars

If you’re shy the worst places to go are bars and night clubs. They can be very intimidating places to meet women. You will have a lot of competition from confident guys who will happily chat up the hottest looking women they can find. You will feel under a lot of pressure and the idea of going up to a woman will feel impossible.

The best places to meet women if you’re shy..

The best places to meet women if you’re a shy guy are places were you are naturally talking without all the pressures of asking her out on a date. For example you could think about joining a local club or group. What are you interested in? Join a photography group, or maybe you like painting.

You could even join a class and learn a new language. Chances are you will meet women you can start a conversation with naturally and confidently. You won’t be under the pressures of a night club were the ultimate goal is to get a girl to go on a date with.

You see an attractive woman in a cafe…

Most shy men are to busy thinking about themselves and miss out on great opportunities. For example sitting in a cafe you may see an attractive woman reading a book. You sit there trying to get the courage to go up to her, but can’t think of anything to say. You fear that she will reject you and the chance has gone as she gets up and walks away.

Instead of sitting there feeling nervous, notice something about her that you could use to start a conversation. For example look at what she’s wearing. Do you notice any jewellery you could comment on? What about the book she’s reading? Are you near enough to see the title? Most women will be flattered that a guy commented on her jewellery, or noticed the book she was reading.

Smile at strangers..

Get used to smiling at strangers. When you are in the bank or supermarket smile at a woman you meet. You will be surprised to know that most people will smile back automatically. Practice doing this everyday. It will soon become second nature.

I hope you have enjoyed reading dating advice for shy men and that it’s helped you in some way.

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  5. Michael Bornnard

    I’m shy and I will never ask a woman. I don’t care what they think of me.

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