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Dating Advice: How to Get a Girlfriend, Step 1: Approach

Dating Advice: How to Get a Girlfriend, Step 1: Approach

If you’re wondering how to get a girlfriend, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. This week’s dating advice shows you how to talk to single ladies so you can get to your first date.

It’s normal to say “I need a girl” and not be sure where to start. This dating advice video will teach you how to approach women and help you start dating.

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  1. FenderSchonJPX

    I can’t believe she didn’t hit the 3 cardinal rules to approaching a woman

    First: Be Handsome
    Second: Be Attractive
    Third: Don’t be Unattractive.Just to be clear, I have no problem with her
    offering advice in this particular area provided she actually had something
    meaningful to say. The problem with what she is offering here is by acting
    like it’s really not a big deal, it’s really pretty simple, just be
    yourself and everything will be fine, she is excusing herself and the
    female gender by pretending that women are actually pretty reasonable easy
    to please human beings. LMAO, sure, she just sent a bunch of poor saps to
    the slaughter. It’s not going to be pretty.I guess like everything it’s
    all relative. In the land of the blind a one eyed man is kind. So if you
    live in the backwoods and there are a shortage of men with jobs and all
    their teeth, then yeah, won’t take much to get a girls number in that
    target rich environment, but if you are in a major metropolitan area and
    you are hitting women up in the bars, you better have those first three
    rules down pat!

  2. How to approach a woman, and hopefully get a girlfriend:

    1) Be TALL and GOOD LOOKING.
    2) Be TALL and GOOD LOOKING.
    3) If you are not 1 & 2, BE RICH.
    4) If in doubt, please refer to rules 1 to 3.

  3. Why the hell would I waste my time approaching a woman when I can fap for
    free from porn on the internet? Fact is most men don’t want to get to know
    women, we just see what we like and we want to fuck it. Simple as that.

    It’s just a matter of weighing the pros and cons of actually investing
    energy into attracting a women and doing all the stupid shit that she likes
    to hopefully get them in the sack.

    I say none of it is worth it. On the flip side side, if a woman is
    interested in you, ignore them. Treat them like shit. They will get angry
    and try even harder to get with you. Best thing to do in that situation
    (understanding the risks of course of pregnancy and STDs and making
    precautions) is to just pump them and dump them. Don’t get emotionally
    attached to these harpies, because that’s how they gain their power over

  4. Daniel Roberts

    Why would I want to get a girlfriend? I could just hire an escort.
    Girlfriends cost a lot of money and you have to worry about anniversaries,
    Christmas, birthdays etc. Plus she’ll treat you like a utility. And in the
    end, she’ll just leave you for a hotter looking guy after leaving you
    broke. Zoosk must really make a lot of money trying to sell the love dream
    to guys that don’t know any better and are clueless.

  5. Why would I waste my time on Sex Objects? I can order one anytime from

  6. Again and again, its the man’s job to do the work. Where the equality?

  7. Why is this recommended for me

  8. step 1: be rich step 2: be tall step 3: be a professional athelete

    once you have those 3 it doesn’t matter what the fuck you say to them, they
    won’t even notice you’re a total dumbass without any education. 


  10. Duncan Pinderhughes

    Best way to get a girl interested is to have a girlfriend.

  11. You left out being rich.

  12. The approach is easy. Either make a lot of money or seem like you have a
    lot of money and women come flocking to you because all women need
    financial stability. It’s nature.

  13. Very nice, and thank you for the female perspective. I think too many guys
    (myself included) get wrapped up in making this perfect impression and
    that’s why many (including myself) will stay longer than they need to, as
    if they’re trying to prove something. It really is just about making
    connections and sometimes it can be a quick process and sometimes not, but
    I liked all the points you touched on and hopefully women recognize how
    nervous this makes guys too, so if we say some weird things at times,
    that’s why 

  14. Joseph LeForte

    approaching a women is now “street harassment” bad advice.

  15. This only works if you are handsome and well off. Not ugly and poor like
    me. Never ever heard of a single female that said ” I saw his good
    heart/personality from across the room and had to check him out”. Not one
    woman ever! So they may SAY they want this or care about that, but in
    reality, it’s not, it’s about handsome and money period.

  16. Oh, it's just Garak. Plain, simple Garak

    “Here’s my numba…” *passes paper* “SIKE! THATS THE WROOONG NUMBA!”

  17. How to approach a girl in one easy step: Stop masturbating to porn.
    Everything else will come naturally.

  18. There were so many girls that wanted me during my school days but I had no
    balls to talk to them so being handsome isn’t the trump card all you need
    is confidence

  19. How to get a guy…don’t be a bitch that acts like you deserve the world
    just because u have a clam between your legs.

  20. Joan Actually, do you know your last name’s an ADVERB?

  21. Aaaaa hahahahahaha :-)………good advice ……should probably try that

  22. Wow! This was super insightful. Step 1, walk up to a complete stranger
    (no advise on appropriate locations; ie: bar, supermarket, work, gym,
    playground, etc…). Step 2, say “hi” and ask questions to help you learn
    about her but don’t creep her out (no advise on appropriate questions).
    Step 3, ask for her phone number before you wear out your welcome (if you
    even were welcome).

    I’ll share my experience: if women are in a group of 3 or more or if they
    are in a location that involves a specific task or goal (ie; a gym or
    workout class, school), they are not looking to meet guys.

    Well done (yeah, that’s sarcasm). How long has it been since this approach
    has been used on you? Where? What did they ask? Were they a complete

  23. Having a significant other is a compete waste of the few decades we live.
    Have friends..YES. Just don’t go overboard. A girlfriend is a waste of
    time, money, and energy. Especially when there are so many incredible
    things to do in life.

  24. 1) Don’t join zoosk
    2) Don’t join match
    3) Don’t join eharmony

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