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Dating Tips For Ladies

Dating Tips For Ladies

I give general dating advice for girls.

The full Michael Che clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gG6guvFbSAM
Watch “You Complete Me”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SMtG4gBkAM
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Note: This video includes a sponsored message from MTV


  1. Lol at the intro. You know your city’s going downhill when people start
    getting specific water preferences.

  2. Ha ha – a VERY clever guy; hats off to you…

  3. Dating tips for ladies: Don’t do it.

    Dating tips for men: Don’t do it.

    Trust me, you’ll just be saving yourself the trouble of doing it in the
    first place.

  4. Thanks for that video! I am really happy to have found you on YouTube. 

  5. nice common sense advice. Also, im a female, and no I didnt subscribe cuz
    of your hair, its cuz you make good points in your videos. <– new
    subscriber!! :-)

  6. All the ladies started subscribing you because we think your hair is sexy

  7. I love the way you say “How you doin?”

  8. You are a beautiful person, man. Keep spreading the good message. :)

  9. LOL for the way you said “in an endless search for love and companionship”
    with such a straight, serious face. It was like you were saying “endless
    search for the world’s last twinkie.”

  10. Shemena Campbell

    You are my favorite, and I have a crush on you. :)

  11. Alexandra Lousich

    lol everyone at my school is like omg i love my bf/gf and im just like
    :/..umm..i like food and video games….?

  12. damian dougherty

    I want to know if you’ve heard of a resource based economy, or the venus
    project and if so what your take on it

  13. Maeve The Diplomat

    Most of your watchers are female because we all like your hair.

  14. New favorite youtuber :-)

  15. I want to like all your videos at at least five different times throughout
    each of your videos! I’ve been trying to tell my friends for years that
    they just need to go up and tell the guy that they like that they want to
    go on a date with him. The worst he’s is going to say is no, and you’ll be
    embarrassed for a minute, which is exactly what you would expect him to
    think before approaching you, right?! Anyone I’ve dated since high school,
    I’VE been the one who approached him, because guys are just as nervous as
    girls might be about asking a girl out. 

  16. Elizabeth Mussett

    girl power!!!!!!

  17. I have always told guys if Im horny or seek something more.. Its worked
    pretty great… But Im more “Have fun, learn to know the person and see
    whats happen in the future”… Cause choosing a partner needs time, time to
    get to know the guy..

    And the best thing to do before dating is to learn to like being single,
    love being on your own, cause then you can choose partner because you WANT
    just that person and dont feel like you NEED somebody and take the first
    best guy you find :P

  18. Gabriela Cardoso

    Watching your videos works as a therapy for me in most of the cases, truth
    be told. I just wish everyone was as racional as you are. 

  19. I love this. I love you. Subscribing now. 

  20. Hey… I’m digging you. XD

  21. I wish I could subscribe to you a hundred times. I found your videos
    through Upworthy, and my God, you are an amazing human being. 

  22. good luck ladies

  23. Brittney Stanfill

    You may have covered this at some point, but it not I would like to hear
    your thoughts on how often people use words like slut and whore. Do you
    think this is damaging to women and our society in general? 

  24. for the record, i LOVE your hair!

  25. We all have that illusion of knowledge…. I really love your attitude
    about things! Besides your videos are all so down-to-earth and
    straightforward. This was an eye opener at certain parts and a refreshing
    slap in the face. I’m definitely taking your words to heart. Keep up the
    good work:)

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