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Dating Tips for Women: Signs He Likes You

Dating tips for women. Suzanne Oshima, Founder of Single in Stilettos & Matchmaker & Dating Coach at Dream Bachelor & Bachelorette interviews Joshua Pompey, Founder of Get Real Dates on the signs he’s attracted to you before, during & after a first date.

Joshua tells you the signs he likes you by observing his body language on a first date and the things he says on a first date.

Joshua gives you the male perspective on signs a guy likes you and the things you should and shouldn’t do before, during and after a first date.

Stay tuned for the next Single in Stilettos Weekly Show and get the best dating advice & dating tips!

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Suzanne Oshima is a Matchmaker & Dating Coach at Dream Bachelor & Bachelorette: http://www.dreambachelor.com

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  1. Luis Agostinho

    I have the experience , first date was successful and everything good and
    then the second one also but after the second date everything has changed
    on him. He seldom text me even he texts me just to say hi to me. and i
    answer his message maybe i’m writing a views word but he just answer my
    message with 1 or two words.
    And the next day he told me. He don’t want to have girlfriend like me. he
    never tell me the reason. that’s make me had so much questions to my self.
    why is the man like to do that. that’s really hurt 

  2. i meet a guy and we have a first date already with his friend and now his
    asking me for another date again and i don’t know yet if we will be gonna
    dating again with his friend but they are both professional and i love to
    be with them coz i’m comfortable and feel safe with them. But this 1 guy is
    I feel I felt attracted with him and and ask many things about in our text
    conversation and I felt more attraction to him…..is this guy likes
    me???…during our text conversation he mention about sex not totally word
    sex but it’s just like to have an intimate connection it’s just like
    that……how will i know if he is serious in me or he just wanna have some
    fun after our second date????????hope u can give me an answer to
    this………thank you….

  3. Marilswater101

    There is a guy his name starts with an E I’m not saying his name because I
    do not want to make him embarrassed or anyone else. So he talks to me a lot
    and he recognizes small details like I said I like your shirt and he also
    remembered almost everything and today when I said something personal and
    he was very caring and was wondering what happened. Do you think that he
    likes me?

  4. If he likes you, he’ll ask you out, if he doesn’t like you he won’t ask you
    out. It’s that simple.

    If he likes you but doesn’t ask you out, he’s not doing his job as a man.
    If you are attracted to shy men, you’ll have to ask him out. Don’t be
    afraid to risk rejection, in the end it’s about having the confidence to go
    after what you want, regardless of the consequences. 

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