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Is a russian wife the best choice for you ?

In spite of the hype about Russian women the simple fact is they CANNOT make good wives for everybody.

Not or whether you are harmonious with a Russian woman comes down to several variables including the type of girl you’re trying to find, your own personality, and that which you are seeking in a relationship.

Having said that if you are looking for a serious relationship using a delightful, well educated girl who has strong family values and will be a loyal partner then there certainly are a number of ethnic reasons why someone from home may not interest you more than Russian girls.

From when they’re quite young that family is her first priority and that a girl’s well-being comes from her family, above all, Russian girls are taught. It is part of the culture. And unlike many Western societies, success in life comes not from career or alternative things but from being good mother and a devoted wife. Because of this Russian women know they will be happier when they’ve a husband and for that reason tend to be loyal, more accommodating, and prepared to compromise to make their family happy.

Having a “strong and happy” family is a core want for many Russian women and they are going to spend much time and energy to keep that happiness.

Russian girls — in fact most European women — are far more approachable and open than other Western girls, Australian, or your average American.

In case you visited with Russia then or have never traveled through Europe it’s difficult to imagine how distinct these girls are. (Unlike the stereotypical “cold” word pictures of Russians in the films, they have been in fact quite friendly, modest, and simple to fulfill.) They don’t get offended or defensive when you would not dream of blowing off you or being cliquish and approach. Most smile, would blush, and be very happy to converse.

Another important reason many guys seek a Russian bride is merely a numbers game:

In America there is 1 man for every woman.
In Australia there are 1.03 guys for every woman.
In Russian there are merely 0.92 men for every girl.

In other words there are over 10 million Russian girls seeking a man!

And after speaking with a number of other guys like me, a common complaint I hear is there just aren’t that many women to choose from in your local region. So that it seems sensible to really go where the girls are.

Most also possess a rich intellectual life, are well-educated, speak several languages, and are more worldly than your average American or Australian girl. If you’re trying to find somebody to link with on a deep level and need dialogs that consist of more than only “trendy”, “wonderful, or “like, whatever” then you’ll most likely find Russian women intoxicating!

There are some misconceptions that all Russian women are amazingly stunning. If you look at the country you will discover there are all different kinds of girls, and never all are of version-quality. Yet, due to the sheer amount of girls that are available and single there are definitely more amazing girls to select from.

Russian girls always want to look their best and have a tendency to care for their appearance. They like to appear classy and fashionable and dress more femininely than your typical Western girl. Sexy dresses, pumps, and Skirts will be the norm. A few minutes on the roads of Moscow and you will see what I am talking about!

For example, in the U.S. between 40% and 60% of girls are overweight. (It depends on which section of the state you are in.) In Russia over 95% are a healthy weight — the typical woman being around 56kg or 125 pounds. And in several Western countries it seems the more slim and lovely the girl the more ill-mannered and uppity she acts. On the other hand because nearly all Russian girls are a great weight they so are very easy going and approachable and have no reason to behave different.

Russian women are also quite down to earth and legitimate. (And if you’re using an agency like Elena’s then you know that you’re coping with a real girl who is NOT only seeking a green card or cash. There certainly are plenty of scams out there so it’s important to not get caught up in the “thought” of a Russian women and let common sense be forgotten.) Because of this — along with the fact they grow at a younger age — you will frequently discover Russian girls that are young have quite successful relationships with Western guys that are elderly.

Here’s the bottom line:

Clearly not all guys are suited to some Russian woman, but then in my expertise YES you’ll discover a great many beautiful Russian girls who do make the perfect wife — when you’re buying a kind, passionate, intelligent girl — like the one described above. The best place to find Russian wife on the web is Rbrides.com

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