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Jake’s Dating Tips

Jake here is teaching you how to date.
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  1. As of Jan. 4, 2015 I am on tier 2

  2. Vasilijan Nikolovski

    I’m at tier 0 …. :'(

  3. I just realized that Jake was talking about Lady Rainicorn. *facepalm*

  4. Hmm i dont have a horn… not sure i can do that XD

  5. Mario Plush Team

    Bout to get to tier two

  6. Tier 15 is anal

  7. did you know that jake is explaining sex to fin not the best thing for a
    children program

    1. huging
    5.well let you discover there boobs and vaginas (I don’t wanna be perv)
    7.when you touch her boobs
    15.make sex

    o3o what da fak

  8. They really show this to kids???

  9. Sophia-Marie Lopez

    jake has gone to tier 15. he has kids doesn’t he?

  10. Subliminality of the tiers is so high :D

  11. @ gailwy

    This was from the episode “Burning Low”

  12. Foxy rules, Dora Drools VGCP

    O.o i’m at tier 1..

  13. Subliminality of the tiers is so high :D

  14. Come on Cartoon Network it’s tv PG not tv 14 X)

  15. AmbiPieandDashachu (a.k.a. E.S. Gryph-Nyx~)

    discover stomach= first seeing naked

  16. I found that truly informative. I had been so confounded watching my mate
    change from being lame to a ladies man. He went from a no-one into being
    superb. He acted as if it was normal for a little bit. He then told me when
    he was wasted on Bourbon. He mentioned he learned from the Jake Ayres
    Master Attraction Formula. Google it and you’ll find it… He’s on a date
    right now with a gorgeous girl… Lucky man!

  17. If you don’t know what’s tier 15, then you are too small to know it.

  18. I’ll give you a hug

  19. theguywhoannoysme

    … in addition, I think when he mentioned ‘long beautiful stomach’ and
    ‘touching her horn’, he’s taking cues from his own relationship with Lady

  20. I looked over some of the observations on here. I think that’s a first-rate
    movie clip. My younger brother wishes to become amazing with the hottest
    gals. He picked up a fuck load from a web-site called Master Attraction.
    (Google it if you want pretty good emails on picking up girls.) The
    guidance concerned with picking up chicks from clubs from Master Attraction
    got him his 1st lays in about 2 long years. I’ve been pissed however coz I
    heard them all. Disgusting.

  21. What episode was this ?

  22. theguywhoannoysme

    I think Jake’s telling Finn to stay away from Tier 15 because he knows
    what’ll happen if the Flame Princess experiences ‘extreme romance’. And cuz
    it’s dirty.

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