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Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side

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  1. Bridgy Kathleen

    I read the book in a day. It looked so cheesy at first, but you’re right.
    You do just dive right into it and SEE what’s doing on instead of just
    reading. But I was expecting the ending to be more…I don’t know…have
    more…umph! to it I guess ^^ haha. I want to read the next one now! I so
    hope this becomes a movie.

  2. Chapter Chicks

    @EmbraceTheAmadeus Holla Bradley! Do you prefer Bradley or Brad?

  3. Chapter Chicks

    @bluehawaii19 Right? The good deals was pretty much the ONLY silver lining.
    Still makes me want to cry whenever I think about it though. ::Sigh:: Stacy
    and I went to B&N and it was priced RIDICULOUSLY high. :/

  4. emilyinwonderland

    Oh I am so getting it

  5. Chapter Chicks

    @Justin941CUFan Please do. It is a great read! And thanks for the comment.

  6. Chapter Chicks

    @Mrsbooklover OOOO there is a 1.5? I love when authors do that, although I
    like having a hard copy of everything for my bookshelves!

  7. Chapter Chicks

    @selmasays Yay! It is definitely worth checking out!

  8. Great video Jessica, I’ve been wanting to read this one for a long time
    now. I will have to remember to pick up a copy whenever I get a chance. ^_^

  9. zachary l.mann

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  10. Chapter Chicks

    @EFWlovesETF I’ve heard of Jekel Loves Hyde but I completely forgot about
    it because it was forever ago. I’ll definitely be picking it up next time
    I’m at the bookstore. But I cannot wait for Jessica’s Guide to Ruling the
    Dark Side.

  11. loved this book! bought it at walmart for 9$

  12. I fell in LOVE with this book when it came out!! I sooooo can’t wait till
    the next book comes out which is in January 2012!! I hope its good as this
    one :D

  13. @ChapterChicks I would have to say the Demon King so far part of the Seven
    Realm series.

  14. Chapter Chicks

    @crazyC88 Hmm, whats your favorite book by her?

  15. the italian title of this book is really really silly, and the cover is
    terrible! but, maybe, after this review I’ll read it. I think that the
    french title and the french cover are totally stunning! (check them out:
    the italian version is “Promessi vampiri” and the french one is “Comment se
    débarrasser d’un vampire amoureux”)

  16. I am so glad you posted this!!! i wasn’t going to read it but then after I
    watched this I want to read it sooo badly lol!!!

  17. Alexandra Leigh

    I could NOT put the book down!!!!!!! Have you read Jekel loves Hyde??

  18. Chapter Chicks

    @Ashleyrose98005 Hey! We are actually planning on doing just that next
    Friday. So any questions that you have feel free to ask! We’ll answer them

  19. Brianna Ashley Watson

    Great video jessica!!!! Do you think that you can do a question and answer

  20. Chapter Chicks

    @TheArtsygal12 I am dying. I thought it was already out when I picked this
    book up and I almost ran to Borders that night but when I looked up the
    title I saw that it hadn’t come out yet and I was like NOOOOO!

  21. Chapter Chicks

    @Shopaholic8450 Lol good! I have a very long list as well. :/ There is just
    never enough money for all of them!

  22. I loved this book it was a really great read and I am super excited to read
    the next book next year, but gah I dont want to wait for it. I must check
    out the short story before it comes out. The writing was brilliant.

  23. I know what are we always told….”Never judge a book by its cover” and I
    think thats what alot of us do at times….

  24. Freaky Foxreader

    how did you read that book? I mean I have it and I really, really, REALLY
    liked it! Until about page 100, when that girl steps in. Ah! I can’t even
    open the book without wanting to burn it! I really liked that book :'( But,
    I can’t even watch this video without remembering.. Ah! Stupid Lucius!
    Stupid Jessica! Stupid girl! I want to kick them all, so this book is
    making me mad

  25. Chapter Chicks

    @dominij19 You should quit waiting and read it soon! I really liked it!

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