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Ken’s Dating Tips. #31 “Play Hard to Get”

Ken’s Dating Tips, For Today’s Bachelor.
#31 Play Hard to Get.

What do you say when someone asks you out on a date? Let Ken show you the tips you need to know!

Stay tuned for more dating tips from the world’s most swinging bachelor: Ken!.

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. The Great Hero X

    I should have know to do that…..

  2. Banana choop choop choop bana choop bana choop banana choop choop choop
    bana choop bana choop ha ha!!!

  3. Barbie: do you wanna go out? Ken: No Barbie: Ok! *walks away* Yeah, good
    one Ken, cuz that worked out so well for you.

  4. animangarockstar

    when ken does the yawning arm thing in the movie theater…i love barbie’s
    face haha

  5. ive always thought at @27 Barbie said ass cut not ascot xD ahaa

  6. barbies reaction in the end XD

  7. @zezejoker actually it was ascot the scarf thing around his neck but ya
    thats wat i thought too XDD

  8. AvrilLavignesong123

    lol funny

  9. barbie is so cute .. lol

  10. banna choop is awesome

  11. AshleyLynnWhitlock

    haha, it sounds like shes saying ” Nice ass Scott!” Lol, *wipes tear friom

  12. @highwayharry keep pressing 2 :)

  13. Hilarious !!!!!! :D

  14. LOl barbies face at 0:24 :)

  15. @peaceandlove22999 I think you mean 0:28

  16. Ashley Cervantes

    LOL! Thumbs up if you have been Barbie and been rejected and just walked

  17. Ashley Cervantes

    I’m so gonna pull a barbie next time i get rejected

  18. i love it how hey says no and she is like oh ok i could watch this over and
    over again!!! =D =D lol lol

  19. :) I love the bit where she says NICE AS SCOTT :) :P :D

  20. What is the name of that song at the end?

  21. @zezejoker it’s ascot, you’re not the first to say that though… XD

  22. soccerluver0011

    that was just stupiddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  23. lmao XD

  24. michaelsensation13

    “oh, okay.” ahahah

  25. Turdyfartysmell

    Haha XD Poor clueless Ken.

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