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Mike Leach’s Tips on Dating

QA on local Texas Tech football show.


  1. BRB trading computer schemes with a sweet honey I met at the arcade

  2. @rogerpemberton Well actually I have played lacrosse my whole life and had
    a bias towards the Duke players. But the difference is that many TT players
    have already said they were glad hes gone so the odds that this guy is
    actually a stand up guy are minimal. Idiot

  3. ‘ey put me out in the tool shed and my mother came and gave me my bible
    lessons, mmmmmmmhmmmmmm

  4. @waitingforspring730 as opposed to Adam James’ high school sweetheart, who
    is indeed a man.

  5. felixmendelssohn


  6. @cobrabag… OMG I should take this down ASAP…. eh, who cares at this
    point? I actually thought this was pretty funny, so instead of taking it
    down, I will give you a thumbs up instead :)… wreck em’ Tech!

  7. I love when people say “Conversate.” I laugh every time.

  8. Lol this is almost as good as his fat little gf routine.

  9. Great tips from a great man

  10. amen to that dude… Most ppl. haven’t even seen a picture of the “shed”
    and “electric closet” that he was supposedly in….. one was a conference
    room for the opposing team and the other was a garage, with air
    conditioning and his own personal trainer getting ice.

  11. yes retard its a word haha

  12. lmfao leach is just being honest

  13. From a Buckeye here: MIKE LEACH RULES!!!

  14. Bingly Binglyhhbhb

    go cougs!

  15. You’ll see you little sheep. What’s the matter did Leach make you feel
    stupid too? Like Coach Lincoln Riley said about a few players who said they
    were glad he was gone, “people say a lot of things about somebody once
    they’re gone.” There are several emails in Leach’s support on Dennis Dodd’s
    blog that ESPN has conveniently not mentioned. Also check out KCBD’s
    coverage on the matter.

  16. So calling people “Backwards, ignorant, illiterate inner city trash who
    mean to say converse” is right because you have the pride and
    responsibility? You are wrong. If someone is raised with their parents
    saying “Conversate” they follow suit, does that make a child “Backwards,
    ignorant, illiterate inner city trash who mean to say converse” No. You are
    in the wrong and someone called you out.

  17. @cobrabag haha youre pretty cool man

  18. it’s slang, but conversate is a word. I guess it’s like how australians
    pronounce aluminum as “aluminium”. Not a big deal – some people just like
    to believe they don’t have any words they use that others would consider

  19. Only if there were some of those places in GA, I could take a girl to.
    Thanks for the advice Leach.

  20. LetsDoIt4Johnny1

    Adam James and Craig James are both spoiled little brats. Mike Leach is
    awesome and deserves a job. Then, I hope he schedules Tech every year and
    ass-rapes them and their moron coach, Tuberville.

  21. mattthetrumpeter

    If it’s a huge night, and you’re really having, uh, a good time, then uh,
    uh, you know, you can, uh trade, uh computer, uh schemes…LOL!

  22. wow did we leave our sarcasm hates at home or are YOU the retard here?

  23. Sorry if you don’t like it, but it is not a real word. It is used by people
    who choose to be stupid and remain stupid. Only someone equally as stupid
    would defend it’s use. I think it’s pretty obvious who the retard is.

  24. I’m an aggie but I love me some tech girls

  25. Yes, children do learn mistakes from their parents but as they become aware
    as an adult that things they are doing are wrong they have a responsibility
    to correct those things. Not only are these people making mistakes but they
    enjoy and actively promote being stupid. Then they wonder why no one gives
    them the respect they “deserve”.

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