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Should a Man Pay on a First Date? – Dating Advice!

The Red Couch l On your first date who should be the one to pay for the bill? Should the man pay for all of it? Or is it fair to ask the lady to split the bill? | Social Experiment Interview Style

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  1. The girl at 2:18 hit the nail right on the head. Guys were paid more so we
    could provide for women, if they expect to be paid the same they should
    expect to pay the same. 

  2. We need to legalize prostitution. The double standard will vanish once the
    dating men start disappearing.

  3. 2:48 yeah well fuck you too bitch

  4. If these males expect sex, just go to a prostitutes. I don’t get it!!!

  5. Women coach each other how to manipulate men. This nonsense about men
    having to prove they are gentlemen by spending on them and calling it “just
    dating” is just typical female deception. Most women (80%+) are just lying,
    manipulative, entitled, unaccountable, parasitic whores. And the prettier
    they are, the worse they are.
    The other 20% just aren’t attractive. It’s for these reasons, I’ve
    completely given up dating. It’s just a game that benefits these ho’s and
    their “I am special fantasies.” To hell with them.

  6. Matthew Diamante

    These guys are actually hilarious. Surprised I haven’t run into them when
    filming The Matt Diamante show!

    I actually interviewed the guy at 2:10 in my “What’s Considered a Date?”
    episode! Hilarious. 

  7. I am quite pro of being equal with men, but it still doesn’t seem equal to
    pay for a guys’ bill. Men have it so easy in this life: They are simple
    minded, don’t menstruate and dont give labour, nor do they get nasty sexual
    looks in the street/public transport or by your employers. Plus, of course,
    the eternal expectation of a woman to look good, to take her time to make
    herself atractive to the world. Where’s the equality there?
    The day I get to live without complications in my head, no blood each month
    and no 9 month pregnancy and labour thread, no men staring at me letin me
    know what they’re thinking, that day I’ll pay for my date because this life
    would be just too fuckin simple and paying for one date will make me a
    gentleman and a nice person. Until then, man up you twats, you just want it
    all served in silver plate. 

  8. Fuck that i don’t pay for shit and because i know the gold diggers bitches
    nowadays feel entitled and want the guy to pay i’m just staying single and
    hitting the clubs and getting 1 night stands. And i don’t buy any girl a
    drink to get some if she expects one i’m walking away. I will never sell
    out my values for any woman. Sometimes though i do go on first dates with
    no intention of getting a second date and make the girl pay for her half
    just to piss her off. It’s what these gold diggers deserve 

  9. Alles nich so wichtig

    I never payed for one single date. I didnt invite the girls but asked them
    if they wanted to meet at the restaurant/bar. I just cant understand why
    you americans acept the greedynes of those girls. Ists disgusting.

  10. Electro gameplayz

    it is sexist and hypocritical, to think that guys should pay in my opinion

  11. chamboyette853

    The girl in 2:17 and the first one in 3:04 are soooo much my kind of girls
    if they are sincere in what they are saying. This is so much of a plus for
    relationship material for several reasons. One being they don’t feel
    entitled and are probably NOT the kind who will try to screw you over if
    the relationship doesn’t work. Thumbs up if you agree.

  12. Its only right for the guy to pay for first couple dates to see where the
    relationship is going and after a few dates then the girl should start
    splitting it!

  13. Jenessa Martinez

    This is something that is debatable. I think that if you’re not in a
    romantic relationship with the person you should split it. If you are then
    I think it’s polite to offer, and make sure you bring cash just in case
    they don’t have no money and are expecting you to pay. I pay a lot of the
    times, but it would be nice if my boyfriend paid every once in a while. 

  14. Danielle Snelius

    I’m a woman and I always like to pay for half, whether it’s the first date
    or whether we’ve been dating for a while. If you arrange to go out for
    dinner or drinks with another individual, you should expect to pay your
    fair share.

  15. Chris Xenchino

    The “initiator”of the date should pay. Then if the asked party truly is
    interested in persuing the courting process, she/he should call to make
    second date arrangements and pick up the tab.

  16. Typical coming from a woman, Chris brown’s line “YOU DON SPENT YOUR BREAD

    it’s 2014 yet men still have to be the ones who ask out 99% of the time,
    pay for dates, take the risk, plan stuff out. Men paying for dates isn’t
    chivalry or a nice gesture, Back in the day there was no “GENDER WAGE GAP”
    as women didn’t make money AT ALL. Men had all the money so by default men
    paid for dates.

    who ever asks should pay? Thats like saying who ever has the biggest purse
    or longest hair or highest heels at any giving point in time should pick up
    any trash on the road. Men are required to ask out 99% of the time, all
    they do is give out silly signs, complain when men don’t pick them up and
    talk to them, complain when men talk to them too much.

    Fast forward to 2014 and men are still paying for dates in the name of
    tradition. Tradition is just another word for female entitlement. Yet when
    we men demand the one thing men want in return, the only thing most women
    are worth anyway “PUSSY”. we get called out for entitlement.

    So Ironic. It’s the reason why men who sleep around are praised, because
    they did all the work, they made things happen. It takes nothing for most
    women to get sex, it’s only natural women are shamed for sleeping around as
    men dont like women taking advantage of our time and resources for nothing.

  17. ALWAYS go dutch.

  18. 0:25 As fellow engineers…I dont think we have ever had a date….They are
    doing it wrong…instead of trying to show a girl how smart you are…you
    need to show them how much money you have….haha

  19. Its shivelrous and gentlemanly. We need to get over this mis representation
    of “equality”. MEN AND WOMEN ARE DIFFERENT. They need and desire different
    things. AND THATS OK! Women like to be taken care of! That doesn’t mean we
    are less than men …………….

  20. Katisha Dogisha

    Most ppl don’t realize but that’s prostitution. People think it’s only
    prostitution if you have a pimp on the corner etc. Food= Money,
    currency=cash. I pay for my own meals and even if someone pays i’ll let
    them, but if you feel like you deserve something in return just b/c you
    bought me lunch you got another thing coming. When ever a guy does pay for
    my meal I always tip the waiter, buy desert or some type of small gesture.
    The guy should only have to pay if he’s taking her out, it’s her bday, or
    some type of promotion or graduation, it should go both ways

  21. 1:10 “get to da choppa !!”

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